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PLEASE READ: The Discord group is currently sold out. To get in ASAP, you can join our waitlist. For waitlist entry, you MUST sign in (at the top) with Discord FIRST, then come BACK to this page to submit your waitlist entry. This is because we need your Discord account attached to your entry to automatically add you to the Discord group.

Failure to do this will result in you missing out on our calls and your entry will be rejected PERMANENTLY. Your only option at that point would be to wait for a restock, which is held every couple months.

FYI, waitlist entries are not charged immediately - you will only be charged if accepted.

If accepted, you receive complete access to our private Discord server to catch: flips, price errors, sneaker/ticket reselling, and more.

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Join our exclusive, private community.
Price Errors
Some of our past highlights have been: $200 LG OLED TV's, FREE Xbox Series X Halo consoles, FREE $3,000 fridges, Airpods
We cover the following resell-able items: art, collectibles, cards, video games, and more.
Ticket Reselling
Wanna know how people flip concert tickets for massive ROI? We cover that, too.
Our tight-knit community is the place to meet like minded individuals who are on the same journey as entrepreneurs.
1-on-1 Support
All members will receive guidance and support to get started with reselling and all our group offers.
Customer Q&A
Q: Am I paying to wait on the waitlist?
A: You will NOT be charged for the waitlist UNLESS you get selected. We will send a $1 test charge to verify your payment method which is immediately refunded.
Asked on Dec 15, 2023
Q: Is the Canada and USA Discord the same? Just wondering as I live on the border American Side but am a Canadian citizen?
A: The Canadian access is limited to about 30% of the server (hence the lower price). The reason being is Canadian residents face logistical issues for shipping from most of the websites we target. That does not mean the Canadian subscription isn't worth it. There is still room for profit, but obviously not as much profit for someone in the US, as you will incur cross border shipping costs.
Asked on Dec 11, 2023
Q: I live in Europe and I’m super interested, what are my options?
A: Firstly we do not recommend joining, but if you must, you can sign up under the Canada waitlist as the restrictions are generally the same. You will only have access to about ~30% of the server (you won't have use for the other sections) and you will incur higher shipping costs - you need to use something called a reshipper. Too long to explain here, definitely do some research on that first. We have a small percentage of people from EU in our server, but it cuts into profit margins deeply.
Asked on Dec 12, 2023
Q: I have been waiting on the waitlist for over 6 months now. Is this normal?
A: No, it's not. The average waitlist acceptance time is much shorter. If you have been waiting that long, it means your payment method declined. Once a waitlist entry is declined due to a payment issue, you are PERMANENTLY waitlisted. The only way to join at that point would be through a restock only. For information on restocks, pay attention to our Instagram, @resellmethod.
Asked on Dec 15, 2023
Q: Have there ever been cases where the vendor fixes the price glitch then will charge the card on file the full price after purchase has been made?
A: Sorry for the delayed response. So far, we have never experienced this. We have ways to combat this as well, so it will never happen.
Asked on Dec 20, 2023
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2 months ago
Amazing hidden gem
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2 months ago
Love this sever
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3 months ago
Joined RM back in 2021, and it's been a movie ever since. You will make your money back guaranteed, and the value of the methods/errors we get are ten-fold. Best group in the game
What exactly does your group offer?
For a visual guide, we actually made a short highlight reel called, "What is RM?" on our instagram page, @resellmethod showcasing exactly what our features are and a concise rundown of what we offer. In short - our main focus is covering price errors, glitches, and flips (reselling). Smaller categories include but are not limited to: concert ticket reselling, sneaker reselling, Amazon FBA, sports betting, and stocks/crypto.
When is the restock?
Restocks are random, and will only happen when there are potential openings. To find out when we restock, follow our Instagram @resellmethod, and turn on post notifications and pay attention to our stories. In addition, restocks are also announced about 24 hours in advance in our Discord waiting room (invite URL: https://discord.gg/flips).
How much is the membership?
The membership into the private DIscord community is currently $79 per month. You can cancel at any time, no obligations or fine print. We also guarantee you make back your initial monthly investment each month at bare minimum, although average profit per member is way higher. This is just our guarantee.
Will I be charged for the waitlist now?
You will only be charged if chosen. We collect payment details for ease of entry. You might see a $1 temporary charge with will drop off within 3-5 days. You must log in via Discord to join the waitlist.
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