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a day ago
🥵 Sause the best
Purchased 2 months ago
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14 days ago
Purchased 14 days ago
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a month ago
great server, they have different ppl that specialize for different stuff in the server . Made me wayyy more money than i thought i would & have also saved me soo much money on everyday expenses. Mods are informative and everyone is helpful .
Purchased 4 months ago
What exactly does your group offer?
For a visual guide, we actually made a short highlight reel called, "What is RM?" on our instagram page, @resellmethod showcasing exactly what our features are and a concise rundown of what we offer. In short - our main focus is covering price errors, glitches, and flips (reselling). Smaller categories include but are not limited to: concert ticket reselling, sneaker reselling, Amazon FBA, sports betting, and stocks/crypto.
When is the restock?
Restocks are random, and will only happen when there are potential openings. To find out when we restock, follow our Instagram @resellmethod, and turn on post notifications and pay attention to our stories. In addition, restocks are also announced about 24 hours in advance in our Discord waiting room (invite URL: https://discord.gg/flips).
How much is the membership?
The membership into the private DIscord community is currently $79 per month. You can cancel at any time, no obligations or fine print. We also guarantee you make back your initial monthly investment each month at bare minimum, although average profit per member is way higher. This is just our guarantee.
Will I be charged for the waitlist now?
You will only be charged if chosen. We collect payment details for ease of entry. You might see a $1 temporary charge with will drop off within 3-5 days. You must log in via Discord to join the waitlist.
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Resell Method

72 reviews

We find the craziest price errors, glitches, and flips.